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Frequently asked questions

Is 3D/4D Imaging safe? What is difference between 3D/4D and HD?


Ultrasound has been used for over 30 years in Obstetrics with millions of images produced. Numerous studies and medical research has shown no adverse side effects when used properly. There is no increase in sound waves used in 3D/4D  imaging over 2D imaging commonly used in OB offices, only an increase in the action of the transducer and software reading and interpreting the data. Our machine is a top of line most advanced machine on the market today. The SAMSUNG WS80 HD LIVE (Fetal Realistic View) is set to an OB application in place and with the energy limits set by the manufacturer below FDA limits. There is no radiation involved when using sonography. 3D images are the still images captured in a still image form and 4D (also known as 4D Live) is know as a 3D image in live motion. HD live also known as fetal realistic view is the latest technology on the market. It is high def Image captured in a life like view. The clarity is AMAZING!!!


What is Real View Imaging?

We are excited to announce we are now offering Real View Imaging for an additional cost of $30 to your package. The process will take place after your HD Ultrasound. You will be able to select 1 of your images, then they will be sent to Spain!! From there they will enhance your image that you have selected. The process takes 7-9 days and will be emailed to you as soon as they’re done!


How much water should I drink and do I need to have a full bladder? What about food? Can I eat before I come?

Drinking the physician recommended eight 8 ounce glasses (64 ounces) of water daily throughout your pregnancy is most important to help with the clarity of the images of your baby and will benefit the health of your pregnancy as well. Drink your water throughout the day. Not all at once. You do not need to have a full bladder. The goal is for Mommy to be very well hydrated and it is visibly obvious in the clarity of the fluid.  


If you have not been good about drinking water, start now and set your appointment ahead to allow at least 1 week of time as this often helps. You may eat before you come. Just remember you will be in a reclined or even flat position so do what is most comfortable for you. Sometimes drinking cold juice just before coming in may waken a sleeping baby so that his movement will enable us to get different angles.


Why are the pictures not clear or what if the baby has hands, feet, cord, placenta, etc. in his/her face?


Every baby’s image is different and there are several factors that determine the clarity of an ultrasound image. The amount of fluid surrounding the baby, gestational age, the position of the baby, and the physical condition of the mother are a few of the factors that affect the image. We cannot guarantee that your scanned images will be similar to others you might have seen in our studio or elsewhere. Ultrasound works best when the sound waves have fluid/water to travel through. A well hydrated system of the mother will help to optimize the image. This is probably the most important factor. Increased body weight of the mother can often affect the quality because sound does not travel as easily through tissue as it does fluid. Our goal and passion is to give you a pampered, peaceful experience to be relived for years to come. We make every effort to work with the mother trying various angles to possibly better visualize the baby. There are times when the baby will not take the hands, feet, etc. away from the face. In that case, we invite you back for a complimentary return visit. Please advise regarding our refund policy. 

When is the earliest you can see the gender and what happens if we cannot see the gender of the baby? What if we do not want to know the gender but wish to keep it a “surprise”?


Our sonographer's are trained to determine gender and our accuracy rate is very high. We have accurately been able to determine the gender as early as 13 weeks and as late as shortly before birth. If, for whatever reason, we cannot, then we invite you back for a complimentary return visit. If you do not wish to see the gender, then we will be sure to keep it “hidden” to preserve your surprise. We offer specialized gender reveal announcement cards.


When is the best time to get the 3D/4D/HD done?


It really depends on when you wish to see your baby. Earlier in your pregnancy, you will see cute, tiny body parts and often the baby is moving quite a bit. Mid pregnancy the baby is growing and filling out and you are able to better see facial features. Later pregnancy will show a full faced baby, and chubby hands and feet, but not usually in the same frame as they are larger now, unless of course they have the hand or foot in the face!


Can you tell me the size, weight, or length of the baby?


We can perform non-diagnostic measurements.

Can I bring guests? How many? Can our children come to watch?


Absolutely. We welcome family, friends, and your children to share in this special and memorable experience. We can comfortably seat

8-12 people but have had as many as 15-20, several times, in the room. We would love for you to bring your children.

Do you accept walk-ins or same day appointments?


We welcome walk-ins and make our best effort to accommodate you. We always encourage making an appointment prior to your visit but we try to fit you in if we possibly can, even if that means extending our day. If we cannot, then usually we can fit you in the very next day. Will I be able to take the usb and photos home the same day? Yes, you will unless you choose to pick them up at a later or more convenient time. Do I need a release form signed by my doctor? We do not require a release form by your doctor. However, we do recommend that you are under the care of a medical doctor or midwife, provide us with his/her contact number, and sign a release form should we find it necessary to contact him/her.

How long do you save images for?

We keep images on file for 60 days. 


What is your refund policy?


We have a no refund policy. We do however have a re-scan policy.

What is your re-scan policy?

We understand that sometimes baby can be shy. For all packages that apply, we will offer one complimentary re-scan in the event we cannot determine gender at 13+ weeks and are unable to get clear partial face images. There is never a guarantee for full face images for any session.

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